Derrick Rose, A True Bull we can only Pay A Tribute To….

By now many have heard the news about Derrick Rose’s Return. Many stories have made this topic controversy.
Chicagoans see Rose as the Chicago Bulls savior.

But not only is he a savior to the team, but an idol to our
youth. Mainly, the youth within minority groups. You see,
Derrick Rose knew that the only way out of the hood
was to continue to do what he loved most, basketball. It was his life.

Instead of following his peers and allowing the hood to consume him, he went the alternate route.
He dedicated his heart, time, and body to the only thing he knew, Spaulding, just as Tom Hanks did with Wilson.

With the burning desire to get out, he played his heart off . Much like Tom Hanks cried and struggled
with Wilson, Rose shared those same actions with Spaulding. In that struggle, arose the man we see today. Unfortunately, with the tear of his ACL, all that changed.

Therefore, in appreciation for his struggle out the hood and his struggle to full recovery, a few Chicagoans created the Derrick Rose Come Back Anthem.


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